Before starting many type of investment project in Vietnam, the Environment License is essential for every investor. GBS provides the service of Consulting and carrying out the procedures to be issued License and Consulting issues relating to environment as follows:


  1. Apply the dossier at Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  2. Department of Natural Resources and Environment check the dossier, if the dossier is not valid, Department will issue a text to require applicant to supplement and complete dossier. For valid dossier, Department will synthesize, submit to the appraisal committee to review and make a appraisal report to submit to the leaders of the Ministry.
  3. Issue Environment License.

Requirement Documents

  1. Application form for Environment License.
  2. Declaration of the environmental status.
  3. Decision approving the report of environmental impact assessment (for company have to be appraised the report of environmental impact assessment) or the written opinion of the authorities about environmental protection (for company have to make the declaration about manufacturing operations which affect the environment).
  4. Certificate of pollution control is issued by Authorities about environmental protection.

Time Frame

Within 40 working days from the date receiving valid dossier.

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