After completing any house or construction in Vietnam, the Ownership certificate (Pink book) is essential for the owner. GBS provides the service of consulting and carrying out the procedures to be issued Pink Book of house, construction as follows:


Apply the dossier at the land use rights registration provincial Office.
Office will check dossier and determine conditions.
Issuing the license.

Requirement Documents

  1. Application form.
  2. Report on the current use of land.
  3. One of the papers of the land use rights in accordance with the law of the land (if any);
  4. One of the papers of house ownership in case the property is residential;
  5. One of the papers of construction ownership in case the property is construction;
  6. Diagram of houses or constructions;
  7. Copies of documents related to the implementation of financial obligations as prescribed by law (if any).

Time Frame

Not exceeding 50 working days in case of issuing first certificate (not including time to declare verification result, implement financial obligation, measure the cadastral plot of land).

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